News First Seminar on the Conservation of the Iberian Lynx

Portugal’s first seminar about the conservation of the Iberian Lynx in the country is due to take place on October 28 and 29 at the Gambelas campus of the Algarve University in Faro.

Alexandra Cunha, President of Portugal’s nature protection league (LPN) told Lusa news agency: “The aim of this meeting is to join together all the institutions that are working to preserve the Iberian Lynx in Portugal to exchange information.”

Gordon Sillence will be there to cover the event for the DestiNet News service as part Destinet's  2010 international Year of Biodiversity focus.

'This is really a conference that is 10 years too late, and has come through the initiative of NGOs. The global failure of governments in general to realise the 2010 biodiversity target is encapsulated in the particualr case of the Iberian lynx. This conference needs to turn around decades of poor regional spatial planning and land management, lack of conservation resources and know how, and cultural insensitivity. Above all however it must deal with the way tourism has impacted and can influence the survival of this critically endangered flagship species.'

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