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Red Rocks Intercultural centre immerse you in the cuisines of Rwanda and its tremendous impact on the cuisines of great lakes region. Imagine arriving at the Redrocks intercultural exchange centre for a lunch that you will help prepare yourself. Expect to be welcomed by a joyful drumming and dancing community experience which will always live in your memory. You’ll learn how, and explore our cooking lessons involving mainly Rwandese dishes in an African cuisine and in an African Kitchen - With a range of fresh crops; our ingredients for Rwanda cuisine are diverse even though certain foods are common to many regions. Ground maize or corn (called 'sweet corn' in the UK) is used as the basis for many meals. Maize flour is cooked with boiling water to form a stiff porridge (called ugali in Swahili or Kaunga in Kinyarwanda). Create, taste, and experience the cuisines of Rwanda through our local culinary courses that will acquaint you with the history of the Rwanda. Sometimes it's made into dough. This starchy staple is served with sauces or stews as well as different fresh vegetables like Cabbage, carrots, spinach and other traditional greens. You get to join our staff in the kitchen as you explore the varieties of food grown from our farm behind the main building. Get your hands dirty; it’s fun!! If you haven’t cried in a long time the smoke from the kitchen will give you a chance to if you are not swift in keeping the wood together to keep the flames burning. Enjoy the meal outside in the sun or at the dining area as you chat with the locals.

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