News ITR Manifesto: PostCovid19 - The only possible Horizon for the Tourism Industry is still Sustainability

The Institute for Responsible Tourism (ITR) and their "Biosphere" certification programme requires in their manifesto that "more than ever, the ambitions and transformative vision of Agenda 2030 must be adopted within the framework of an approach based firmly on the Theory of Change. In other words, those paradigm shifts to which the tourism sector, as well as the rest of the development drivers, was slowly approaching on the eve of a distant 2030, are today becoming indispensable and the sector will have to be transformed, in many cases radically, in a much shorter time frame. On this depends the survival of the sector and the richness of the cultural exchange that has made it prosper."

The manifesto concludes with a statement which probably can stand for all certification programmes on the - Certification Quickfinder

"Today more than ever, if it's not sustainable it's not development"


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