News Covid-19: ECM Guide for Sustainable Recovery

European Cities Marketing, the network of 125 European DMMOs improving the competitiveness and performance of leading cities of Europe, published “The DMMO Covid-19 Continuity Checklist – An ECM Guide for Sustainable Recovery”. Elaborated in partnership with TOPOSOPHY, this guide will prove to be a strong tool for DMMOs in this unprecedented time to face new challenges and create A New Tomorrow.

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ECOTRANS recommendation: Start now with sustainability checks

For the Resilience Phase the guide recommends on page 38 to “Review destination key performance indicators and introduce new KPIs around environmental and social sustainability (i.e. Covid-19 as an opportunity to reset goals)". This recommendation nowadays is a must in order to contribute to the SDGs 2030. But instead of waiting until the resilience phase (after the recovery phase) the destination management organisations should NOW use the time to prepare the further greening of their tourism supply chains: there are excellent low -cost or free online self-checks for environmental and sustainability certification available for hotels, restaurants and other tourism businesses. The Tourism2030 - Certification Quickfinder is helping on this!

Imagine 2020 - 2021 - 2022: 20% of the tourism businesses in the European cities would self-check in 2020 their sustainability level, then 10% or more would prepare and apply in 2021 for certification - with financial support for recovery and resilience - and then in 2022 the cities could promote all these businesses as "our green offer". Beside advanced cities like Vienna or Copenhagen all cities in Europe could much more contribute to the SDGs & and provide a much better choice to their visitors!

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