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Transforming tourism through sustainable procurement

This publication aims to introduce the strategic role that sustainable procurement can play to transform tourism by scaling up the market of sustainable products and services in the sector, enabling the reduction of GHG emissions and the shift towards a more resilient, resource efficient development. The document intends to inform dialogues on how best to incorporate circularity and sustainability in procurement practices of tourism businesses and illustrate to which extend tourism professionals have already successfully done so. It is addressed to corporate buyers and business leaders in the tourism sector as well as policy makers.

It has been developed as part of the United Nations Environment Programme work on sustainable consumption and production in the tourism value chain.

Key role of certification

The report recommends:

Working together with all relevant stakeholders along the tourism value chain is essential to maximize impact

Empowering travellers to drive change is critical to achieve transformation

Capacity building initiatives towards corporate buyers and staff are required to accelerate the adoption of sustainable procurement practices

The role of certifications and consumer information tools is key to support the adoption of sustainable procurement practices, as they guide consumers and procurers to make better choices and recognize progress made in offering more sustainable options.

Measuring and reporting on the economic, social and environmental benefits and impacts of sustainable procurement help to understand how such practices can be best implemented to benefit businesses along the value chain.



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