News Brexit, Elections and Good Governance for Sustainable Development

The British elections provide an historic opportunity to develop a sustainable travel and tourism policy for the beleaguered British Isles, where the alleged exit from Brussels has provided the separation of thesis and antithesis to rear up at a societal level, and millions will be now involved in selecting a government to lead them on the path of sustainable development.  As a former EU Commission Staff Member I have a unique perspective on what good governance could be happening, as well a chance to shed some clarity for policy makers and voters on how to use the vector of sustainable tourism for economic environmental and cultural benefit for all. 

The time has come to get behind a figure such as Jeremy Corbyn has presented and join in the call for a Labour government to take control of the governance process and introduce its ‘leave no one behind’ set of triple bottom line policy revisions.

My argument for all readers to talk to people to encourage them to vote tactically to reduce the number of Conservative seats and where possible vote for Labour candidates – and the  need to do this urgently - is based on the double whammy of negative Agenda 2030 scenarios and the devastating effects of the greed and selfishness of the a 1% that Boris Johnson and his Conservative hereditary hierarchies support. Sustainable development, and by inference the development of a sustainable tourism sector, needs to have a far more equitable base than we currently have. A vote for Jeremy Corbyn will nudge the dark beast of national government a little more towards the light of sustainable development.

A newly appointed Labour government - however unlikely with the current media bias - could link the issues of migration, travel and tourism to map out the challenges and opportunities for creating a global economic tourism system to benefit the many, not the few.  Such an equitable tourism policy would be based on a vibrant sustainable  rail, business  youth travel green infrastructure, which would transport our billions of traveller tourist entrepreneurs from city to city and national park to national park.  So please, think carefully through the propaganda and mis-leading rhetoric of those controlling the messages and vote for peace, prosperity and planet for all people, with no-one left behind ...

Source Gordon Sillence
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