News European ERASMUS project for Sustainable Tourism

Building a European Knowledge Alliance for Sustainable Tourism

Within the framework of the EU’s Erasmus Knowledge Alliance programme, the European-wide ECOTRANS Network for Sustainable Tourism Development has teamed up with leading universities (Algarve, Eberswalde, Sorbonne and Vienna) and businesses with core ICT and tourism interests (Eau de Web and Forum AndersReisen)  to create  an innovative European wide collaborative online learning delivery system for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to  offer quality tourism sustainability training to destination administrators, SMEs and workforce individuals linked  to tourism activity in Europe’s protected areas

The Alliance aims to improve the quality and cut the cost of course material delivery and updating for HEIs, offering market relevant strategic information to SMEs, and providing students with online and in situ Europe-wide learning experiences and sustainable tourism certification and auditing skills.   > read more

The project TRIANGLE is cofinanced by the European ERASMUS + Programme.

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