News First environmental benchmarks for hotels and camping sites in Europe!

For the first time, international figures of more than 450 accommodation businesses in tourism in 15 European countries have been presented at the Reisepavillon in Hanover. These figures have been calculated within the framework of the European projects “TourBench” and “SUTOUR” supported by the LIFE programme of the European Commission and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. What is the energy and water consumption of 2-5 star hotels and camping sites in Europe? What is the waste production per day? What are the costs for energy, water and waste per night? How much is the difference “best businesses” consume less than others? What new international instruments of environmental management are available for tourism businesses? The brochure “Environmental initiatives by European tourism businesses: Instruments, indicators and practical examples” with the presented results and further hints and links are available as download at and
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