News 2006 Skål International Ecotourism Awards

Skål International is inviting companies from the public and private sector as well as NGOs to submit entries for the Ecotourism Awards. Skål, as an international organisation of the industry leaders, is a powerful force in the travel and tourism industry to initiate change and encourage the conservation of the environment in order to promote tourism and travel. The awards presented on these grounds, while highlighting best practices in tourism around the world, also serve the purpose of acquainting the world with this new concept that puts emphasis on the importance of the interaction of the physical, cultural and social environment the traveller’s responsibility and the need for active community participation for Ecotourism.
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Awards are presented in 6 different categories: 1. Tour Operators â€" Travel Agents; 2. Accommodation providers of any size and category in: 2.1 urban areas and 2.2 rural areas; 3. Transportation; 4. General Countryside (Alpine Tourism, Underwater Projects, Beaches, Theme Parks, Scenic Mountains, Rivers, Lakes); 5. Citiesâ€"Villages (Community and Government Projects); 6. Educational Programmes â€" Media The deadline to send in the entries is 30 June, 2006.(go to ecotourism) or