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Croatian Ministry of Tourism:  National Portal for Sustainable Tourism

Ministry of Tourism ( is the state administration body with competences for tourism policy and the Croatian tourism strategy, the system of tourist boards, the accommodation facilities classification, monitoring and analysis of the tourism market, and international cooperation in Tourism, etc.

The Croatian Portal on Sustainable Tourism provides an entry point to all concerned stakeholders on laws and other regulations, awards, certificates, best practices, knowledge, events, existing resources, but also on projects aimed at sustainable tourism development, including the available national and international sources of financing. It will additionally provide a direct access to the European site DestiNet  that will post, in English, the most  important pieces of information of all the Croatian stakeholders involved in the project.

This portal is aimed at attracting all those representatives of the public and private sector, all governmental levels and the civil society who can contribute to the strengthening of the knowledge and information base in further work on sustainable tourism development, research and innovation included.

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