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About this Forum …     This forum is taking place instead of the Gello 2011 ecotourism conference. Many stakeholders expressed difficulty in raising funds and finding time to repeat last years’ conference so quickly,  major developments have taken place in the world of European ecotourism that need to be factored in, and next year the International Year of Ecotourism + 10 review will take place, which was not foreseen in the 2010 EuroEco agenda.  To maintain the momentum of European-level support for local ecotourism activities, the forum aims to provide an informal space to discuss how to continue to work to prepare for a global event that will showcase European developments in ecotourism for the IYE +10 in 2012. 

How to participate

You can upload a presentation, make comments on other people’s presentations, and comment on their comments.  If you have Skype, you can call other participants in the forum and chat individually at the same time.

Gordon Sillence will moderate the inputs if necessary. If you cannot create a topic or upload documents yourself, send them to me at gordon.destinet@ecotrans,de and I will upload them for you. How user-friendly is that?!


The forum organisers support the development of the European Ecotourism Network , which will be the vehicle to develop the European  engagement in IYE + 10 and Rio +20 next year.  Results of the forum will be included in this process, and presented in an international policy and practitioners’ conference in Norway supported by Innovation Norway and TIES.

Please join in this process by signing up for network information. 


We hope you like the improved  look and feel for Day Two!

Forum contacts:  or    SKYPE gordon.sillence

Thanks for Day 2 !

I am signing off now. I will look at what has happened over the last two days on this forum with Martiin, the ECOLNET members and those interested in joining a 2012 event steering group to discuss our next steps. Perhaps we can extend this forum for future use?


Posted by gordondestinet at 31 May 2011 17:15:31
NB Please enter the forum to make any further comments !!!

After the excellent comments and offers in Ron's comment above. I need to mention that I will copy this to the main forum. This comment here space is really taking place in the foyer of the conference room!. The main event is in the forum itself. so please comment there from now on.



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Posted by gordondestinet at 31 May 2011 14:30:03
Moderators Feedback after Day 1

Thanks to all those who sent in subject matter and comments to the forum.

I noted Zoltans comments on the confusing entry, and need for a user friendlier interface, so I have changed the page for today. It should now be much easier to navigate. Also I have improved the way we can comment on individual replies. Finally I have made it public access so that you do not need a DestInet username to comment.

For Day two I think we should focus on:

A) Martins questions about the organisation of the 2012 conference

B) the building of the EEN

C) Developing the EETLS

Hope to chat with you on this forum later today again.


Posted by gordondestinet at 31 May 2011 10:28:24

I do agree with Zoltan that 2 x 2 hours is not enough of time for a "conversation" going on in that format. As example for me last 50 minutes went by using a Skype and talking on these issues with Ron.

What I want to suggest is that, we need to design communication channel(s) that are not just active for couple of hours, but what will support a CONTINUOUS conversesation on important topics of ecotourism.


Aivar Ruukel

Posted by aivar at 30 May 2011 16:13:09
Building the EEN and IYE + 10

So, we have started this process and it is working!  Good to hear all the comments so far. Please have a read of the presentation I have uploaded on building the EEN. and IYE + 10, then lets use this technology to do it!  We should tell more people about this for tomorrow's session ...

Posted by gordondestinet at 30 May 2011 15:44:32
RE Participation

Well if 2X2 hours is not enough - and the number of good discussion is there, this a great way of meeting and to dicuss progress.

The key issue is to get the one we want to attend.


Posted by martinlauten at 30 May 2011 15:18:59

I feel sad that the conference in Norway did not fly, but this is an ecofriendly way of exchanging ideas.

Will 2x2 hours be enough? I am not sure!

Anyway, our team sent an email announcement to its local business and tour operator partners (100+ organisation) about this forum,. I wonder how many participants we will have actually.

BR, Zoltan (PAN Parks)

Posted by zoltkun at 30 May 2011 15:08:14
Best Wishes!

My best wishes to everyone in Europe!

I have blogged about this discussion and will be updating the Planeta wiki with our editors to improve coverage of European ecotourism.

Cheers, Ron

Posted by ronmader at 30 May 2011 14:43:26
Welcome to the Online Forum

Dear All,

Welcome to our Online Forum. Please have a look through the uploaded presentations and feel free to comment if you like.

If you would like to discuss anything other then the presentations uploaded do so.

Good luck,

Regards, Martin Lauten(Ecotourism Norway)

Posted by martinlauten at 30 May 2011 14:01:38