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European Tourism Going Green 2030 (ETGG2030)

To boost the necessary transformation in tourism the ETGG2030 consortium is establishing a European cluster for sharing and transferring innovative best practice between the countries, to enable 70 tourism SMEs and supporting organisations in 6 countries in implementing sustainability, in achieving third party certification and in being promoted through "Travel Green Europe" Apps. ECOTRANS is co-coordinator of the Project (2021-2023).
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TRIANGLE Knowledge Alliance 2020

Since the successful determination of the TRIANGLE project (2016-2019) ECOTRANS is acting as secretariat of the TRIANGLE Knowledge Alliance.

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The project “Sustainable Tourism Actions in Romania (STAR): capacity building and awareness raising measures for sustainable tourism” is carried out by the Romanian Ecotourim Association (AER) in collaboration with ECOTRANS, funded by the German Environment Trust (DBU).

More: STAR (2018-2020/21)


Travel Green Planet 2030 initiative

The Travel Green Planet collaboration initiative 2020-2030 shall bring together international and national organisations and networks for boosting sustainable tourism in destinations with protected areas and raise the market share of environmentallly and sustainably certified tourism from 1% to 10% world wide - and 100% in protected areas. 

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Contribution to the "Study on the feasibility of possible initiatives at EU level and establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform on quality of tourism accommodation services". This study was commissioned by Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) of the European Commission (EC), carried out by VVA Economics & Policy, Open Evidence and its partners BDI Research and Team.


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