File Eco-Destinet (2007-2009)

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Europe,
Keywords ecotourism, training, certification
Release date 15/06/2010
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Development and testing of a European Eco-Tourism Labelling Standard (EETLS) and training material for eco-tourism professionals and certifiers, dissemination of results, with financial support fromm the European Commission "Leonardo da Vinci" programme, 2007-2009. The results include a European Eco-Tourism Labelling Standard EETLS (attached), the Eco-Destinet Learning Forum, the Eco-Destinet Library. See more on the Eco-Destinet website

Partners:  Institute of Biometeorology - National Research Council of Italy (IT) - project leader
PRISMA Centre for Development Studies (GR)
ECEAT-Projects (NL)
University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute Seinajoki Unit (FI)
Association of Ecotourism in Romania (RO)
Bulgarian Association for Rural and Eco Tourism (BG)
Euracademy Association (EU)