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Maps are important to your business as they allow you to overview the complex landscape of the Agenda 2030-shaped global economy, and then plan how to traverse its crises-ridden, fast-chaning sociio-economic, environmental and cultural terrain. On this journey to sustainability, your SME will need to be visible on the  global green market place  maps that other businesses and consumers get to use to make thier market choices or administative decisions,

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A set of maps relevant to your SME will be developed in this space so that you can see your business on a map and share that map with others, maps in which supply chain certification provides the means for other tourism business as well as your own business to work with other certified suppliers.

You need to network your business into the regional clusters that are forming across Europe and elsewhere to shape individual business opportunities.  Clustering businesses in a sector and region has many economic advantages, giving your business more connectivity in an age where supply chain links need to be carefully maintained to kepp your business running. 

The regional tourism sustainability certification clusters will offer business support services and sustainabilty information to keep your business running on a sustainable and responsible path   

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