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The ETGG2030 Going Green Innovation, Training & Implementation System for SMEs

The ETGG 2030 project has created a tourism sustainability innovation, training and implementation system that will take an SME through an expert-led awareness raising, sustainability training, certification and market access process - designed to support the implementation of Agenda 2030 and our need to collectively move to a system of sustainable consumption and production.

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Stakeholder-based Entry Points

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SME Section

Experts Section

Owners, managers and  staff  responsible for company sustainability can start their Going Green 2030 journey here


Experts register to run the  SME coaching programmes

SMEs enter the Going Green 2030 Expert Space to select and meet their coaches




Destinations Section
Certificates Section

Destinations can use the Going Green 2030 system to making their tourism offer more sustainable

Sustainability certificates, standards and awards can find out how to join the Going Green 2030 Certification Cluster Activities




 Tool-based Entry Points

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SME Certification Tools


SME Mapping Tools

Direct access to the innovation, training and implementation tools to be used by SMEs to Go Green, namely:

  • Sustainable Tourism Topic Knowledge Base
  • Best Practice Browser
  • Certification Quickfinder
  • R U ready for  Certification? 

Using data on SMEs we all need to use by making common maps on our collective journey to Agenda 2030:

  • Cluster Collaboration System
  • Green Mapping System
  • Sustainable Tourism Marketplace