Certificate Good Travel Seal

This ecolabel is based upon two pillars: (1) sustainability and (2) health & safety.

The Good Travel certification focuses on practical requirements that are easy to manage for smaller businesses.

There are five levels of the Good Travel Seal, based on the score:

Good Travel Seal

The Good Travel Seal Standard consists of 57 general criteria in the areas of environmental management, social responsibility, and health & safety, as well as a variety of additional sector-specific criteria. All certified companies receive our seal, a certificate, and a scorecard. The basic Good Travel Seal Standard covers 67% of the GSTC-I Criteria. 

1-Star Good Travel Seal: meet 50% criteria.
2-Star Good Travel Seal: meet 75% criteria.
3-Star Good Travel Seal: meet 95% criteria.

Good Travel Seal +

The Good Travel Program also offers companies the opportunity to take the next step in sustainability by becoming certified using the full GSTC Industry Criteria. The Good Travel Seal + adds 14 additional criteria that cover the remaining 33% of the GSTC Industry standard. This is a great and affordable opportunity for larger companies that already have sufficient sustainability experience and companies that have started with the GTS Standard and are ready to move on after achieving 3 Stars

4-Star Good Travel Seal: meet 75% criteria.
5-Star Good Travel Seal: meet 95% criteria.


Certifying Organisation Green Destinations
Partner Organisation/s  
License Period (years)  
Certified Tourism (nr)  26 


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Organisation Good Travel Guide (Green Destinations BV)
Postal Address Rapenburg 8, 2311 GA Leiden, Netherlands
Webpage https://goodtravel.guide/good-travel-seal/ - open in new window
Released 17/11/2022
Country The Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Netherlands Antilles, Mexico, United States of America, Brazil, Taiwan
Certified categories
  • Tour operators, Travel agents, Intermediaries Tour operators, Travel agents, Intermediaries
  • Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
  • Camping Camping
  • Restaurants & Catering Services Restaurants & Catering Services
  • Attractions Attractions
  • Activities Activities
Operational level Global
Sustainability Unspecified
Credibility 3rd party audit
  • Certified tourism map on Tourism 2030
  • Unspecified