Publication European Tourism Labelling

Release date 12/03/2018
Contributor herbert
Original title Research for TRAN Committee - European Tourism Labelling (Study)
Author Weston, R., Hamele, H., Balas, M., Denman, R., Pezzano, A., Sillence, G., Reiner, K., Grebenar, A., and Lawler, M. (2018)
Publisher Research for TRAN Committee – European Tourism Labelling, European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies, Brussels
Publication year 2018
Issue date 12/03/2018
Country Europe
Keywords labelling, certification, Quality, Sustainability
Page(s) 118
Document type PDF
ISBN ISBN 978-92-846-2687-8
Language(s) EN
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Target group(s) Destinations , Businesses , Education, Research, Consultancy , NGOs, Partnerships, Networks , Governments & Administrations
Topics Certification & Marketing
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    This study focusses on the current situation in the European Union regarding quality and sustainability labelling in tourism. There is concern that the existing volume and variety of labels has become a barrier to consumer choice, which in consequence may lead to lost opportunities to increase the competitiveness of the European tourism industry. The study analyses the possibility of the introduction of an EU standard(s) for tourism services through the initiation of a harmonised EU certification system and the potential for the establishment of a single European tourism label.