Event T-forum 2020 Global Conference

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The Tourism Intelligence Forum (t-Forum) announces its 2020 Global Conference, to be held in Algarve, Portugal, from 18-21 March 2020. Organised by the Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being (CinTurs) and the PESTANA Hotel Group, the conference is hosted by its Founding Members and supported by industry, academic and government sponsors.

 The t-Forum and its conferences are all about the transfer of knowledge/intelligence to and within tourism. The intent is to bridge tourism theory and practice (as was the case in the inaugural conference of the t-Forum). This is a call for presentations discussing the whys and hows of tourism intelligence mobility in all directions, among all tourism stakeholders/sectors, both public and private. It moves beyond customary programs by featuring get-involved keynote panels with round table discussion, as well as keynote talks, parallel sessions, and workshops.

 The target audience of the t-Forum conference are various establishments involved in the creation, mobilization, and application of intelligence. They include tourism sectors, destinations, academic institutions, hospitality businesses, public agencies, executives and professionals, and international consultants.

Period [18/03/2020 - 21/03/2020]
Event URL https://www.tforum2020.org
Keywords Bridging Theory and Practice
Target group(s) Destinations , Businesses , Travellers , Education, Research, Consultancy , NGOs, Partnerships, Networks , Governments & Administrations
Topics Value Chain Management & Fair Trade , Destination Management , Certification & Marketing , Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency , Knowledge Networking, Training and Education , Natural Heritage & Biodiversity , Human Rights & Labour Rights , Travel, Transport & Mobility , Cultural Heritage, Life Styles & Diversity , Good Governance & CSR