Event European Tourism Convention 2020

Workshop 2: Greener Holidays

The workshop will be held in the background of the European Commission’s proposals for an EU economy that places competitiveness closely tied to sustainability, with the European Green Deal, the European Climate Pact, the European industrial strategy, the Circular economy action plan, the Sustainable and smart mobility strategy and, ultimately, the EU Recovery Plan serving as a roadmap towards green transition.

The discussion should contribute with concrete ideas to set a long term, sustainable, and innovative recovery of EU tourism. Workshop participants are invited to discuss mechanisms (policies and actions) in the pursuit of shared tourism policy industry goals on; i) how to address structural challenges and avoid known challenges (e.g., overtourism, seasonality), ii) how to accelerate the decarbonisation towards climate-neutrality (e.g., low carbon-intensive and smart mobility, energy efficiency), iii) how to encourage new business models for sustainable development (e.g., customer value), and iv) how to stimulate climate change mitigation and adaptation (e.g., SMEs’ tools).

Additional questions will look into how sustainable innovation (technological, organisational, and social) can become a guiding principle in the recovery and be placed at the forefront of the transition to a circular tourism economy. This would embrace the sustainable production of tourism experiences and infrastructures and promote the necessary behavioural change of consumers and the industry workforce for more sustainable consumption (e.g., waste, water, energy, biodiversity). The aim is to strengthen the common understanding of the challenges for greener holidays, and how to address them between public and private actors within the framework for multi-stakeholder partnerships, cross-sector collaborations, public-private alliances, and consumer engagement initiatives for coordinated and joint efforts.

Period 12/10/2020
Event location online
Host EU - DG Growth
Event URL https://tourism-convention.eu/
Keywords Greener Holidays
Target group(s) Destinations , Businesses , Education, Research, Consultancy , NGOs, Partnerships, Networks , Governments & Administrations
Topics Value Chain Management & Fair Trade , Destination Management , Certification & Marketing , Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency , Knowledge Networking, Training and Education , Natural Heritage & Biodiversity , Human Rights & Labour Rights , Travel, Transport & Mobility , Cultural Heritage, Life Styles & Diversity , Good Governance & CSR