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Traveling responsibly

Responsible and ethical travelling is a key component of sustainable tourism development.

It provides demand-led development of sustainable tourism products and services, and brings hard currency and socio-economic development directly to peope in communities and their businesses in on tourism routes and destinations.
In under-developed regions of the world, tourism is being used as a tool for sustainable development, and travellers are being welcomed to those regions, many of which hold great natural and cultural riches. 
Travellers behavioral choices and decisions  affect issues such as climate change or halting the loss of biodiversity, reducing poverty and maintaining cultural diversity in the destinations. Being an informed and responsible traveller will ensure you make a positive contribution ot sustainable tourism development.

A special mention for business travelling.   Green travel, green meetings, and green conferencing are a must for sustainable tourism development. Individuals travelling frequently on business and those organizing travel for businesses should ensure that green options are chosen, carbon footprints are measured, and offset are made to support pro-poor toruism or environmental improvements.

Helping you forward ...

Where to go? How to travel there? Where to stay and eat? What to do there? what to buy and bring back home?  

DestiNet provides you with information sources where you can find out how to be a green, socially aware traveler who leaves a minimal footprint on our One Planet.