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The following ETGG2030 Certification Clusters are entering their development phase in the project:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Romania

These national cluster pages will come online once the ETGG2030 project partners have established their cluster management office.

Currently this European clustering level is being established to model the national cluster activities.

Please contact the initiator of the Going Green 2030 Certification Cluster Europe:


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Clustering stakeholders on all levels


  See the Ostbayern Example!


 Sharing information and services



 Cluster members: governmental, non-governmental, academic, businesse


 Governance & Policy

 Tourism sustainability management, cluster policy,
by sector


Going Green
 Support Services

 Information, training & education, certification, funding, promotion and marketing support


 Certification &

 Certification Quickfinder
 Going Green Mapping Service
 Green Travel Maps & Apps

   Market Place

 Travel Green Europe
European regions, e.g. Mediterranean, Alps;
landscape types


  Monitoring & reporting

Reporting and
Benchmarking systems,
Tourism2030 Countdown Clock


Pilot cluster pages

(under development)

Global to Local Sustainable Tourism Certification Cluster

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