Folder 2011 - 2012


Further Action on Sustainable Tourism – Learning Area Innovation Networks (2011-2012)

Conception and lead of the project in collaboration with regions and research partners in seven European couintries, and with financial support from the CIP programme for knowledge networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism, development and piloting of innovation clusters, developing DestiNet to the leading international networking platform for sustainable tourism, guidebook for setting up "Tourism Knowledge & Innovation Communities", March 2011 - August 2012.

See the FAST-LAIN project section and use the FAST-LAIN results



European Ecotourism Knowledge Network (2011-2013)

Partner of the Life Long Learning project with special focus on the development of indicators for the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard and the setting up of a European Ecotourism Network. The project is coordinated by Prisma (Athens)



The province of Isparta/Turkey starts a 2-years project with partners in Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Italy and Germany: INSPIRECO (Inspiring new vocations in Ecotourism: a case study for Isparta) is supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci - Life Long Learning Programme. ECOTRANS is facilitating the use of DestiNet, Ecolnet and Fast-Lain results for knowledge exchange, training and  networking from local to international level. October 2012 - September 2014.


Participation at an international conference by RTM (picture: event location) on Sustainable Tourism in the Olympos/Antaly destination in Turkei in September 2012, conception of an international follow up conference on 24-25 April 2013 with special focus on sustainable tourism & ecotourism good practices and opportunities to support integrated regional development through tourism in the Kumluca region. ECOTRANS members will participate as  international experts to showcase good practices and to develop an action plan for 2020. September 2012 - June 2013.

Contributions to International Initiatives & Events (e.g.)
  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Global Sustainable Tourism Partnership
  • DestiNet Partnership
  • CSR Days, Vienna (2011, 2012)
  •  ITB Berlin (2011) - picture: VESTAS presentation
  • EU conference, Budapest (2011)
  • EDEN conference, Brussels (2011)
  • P2P workshops, Brussels (2011, 2012)
  • EU conference, Cyprus (2012)