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Market Solutions: Certificates & Awards

Making a difference

There are 1000s of tourism businesses and services who are certified by a sustainable tourism certification system or who have been winner of a responsible and sustainable tourism award. At the other side there are many "green", "responsible", "sustainable", "ecological" information, marketing and booking services committed to raise the market share of sustainable and responsible tourism. Such marketing and information services, as well as tour operators, travel media, journalists, destinations managers and individual tourists should have easy access to all certification programmes and awards and to their certified or awarded tourism products and services world wide.

Green certificates & awards world wide

DestiNet provides transparency and gives you access to 200 certification programs and awards. The "Guide Through the Label Jungle" gives an introduction to the topic and transparency on 50 leading labels for businesses and destinations.

If you run a certification programme or an award we invite you submit your information on "My Destinet" and to contact us to get an own folder on the DestiNet Market Place, where you can bulk upload the links to your certified or awarded businesses, services or destinations and make them visible to the global tourism market.

Certified Tourism: the better choice

Transparency and market access

Market access

1000s of certified and awarded tourism businesses, tour operators and destinations.
The Destinet Market Place Atlas shows 1000s of certified and awarded


  • All locations on the Atlas are linked with the profile of their certificate or award.

  • You can filter the main types of tourism services, zoom into   your destination of interest and make your choice.

Green Travel Maps

The "Green Travel Maps" is a unique DestiNet Service for destinations to map, monitor, market and continuously increase the market share of certified tourism in their territories.

See the pilot "Green Travel Maps Germany"

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