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Sustainability in Tourism:


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Integration of biodiversity into CSR processes in tourism

Integration biologischer Vielfalt in CSR-Prozesse in der Tourismusindustrie

DestiNet provides more transparency in Sustainable Tourism (2013)

DestiNet provides more transparency in Sustainable Tourism

Since 20 years ECOTRANS has been analysing ecolabels and sustainable tourism certification programmes. Meanwhile more than 100 certificates are awarded worldwide to hotels and restaurants, tourist attractions and destinations, tour oprators and travel agencies.The global tourism market needs transparency to make decisions for the development and selling of the better choice.

The DestiNet portal provides independent quality assessed information on the labels' standards, credibility and coverage of sustainability issues. The Green Market Place on the DestiNet Atlas supports the access of certified tourism to the market.

The 2 pages introduce into the topic and lead you to the information you need.

in German: DestiNet: mehr Transparenz im nachhaltigen Tourismus (2013, 2 Seiten)

EETLS E-Tools for evaluation and training - handbook for tourism businesses

EETLS E-Tools für Evaluierung und Training - Handbuch für Tourismusbetriebe (2013)


The European Ecotourism Labelling Standard - EETLS (ECO-DESTINET, 2009) 

The European Ecotourism Labelling Standard - EETLS - revised (Ecolnet, 2011)

 Environmental initiatives by European tourism businesses IER/ECOTRANS, 2006)

Umweltleistungen europäischer Tourismusbetriebe (IER/ECOTRANS, 2006)

Innovation in Tourism, How to create a Tourism Learning Area (EC, 2006)

 Voluntary Initiatives for sustainable Tourism (UN WTO, 2001)

The VISIT Initiative: Tourism eco-labelling in Europe - moving the market towards sustainability ( download publication in: English, Deutsch, Italiano, ECOTRANS, 2004)

The Book of Environmental Seals and Ecolabels (BMU, 1996)