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Sustainable transport and travel (also referred to as “soft mobility” or “sustainable mobility”) play an important role in the development of sustainable tourism. Touristic transport, especially car and air traffic, is on the rise and contributes considerably to pollution and climate change. Developing and encouraging the use of different means of transport with low impact on the environment, e.g. cycling, walking, car sharing, fuel-efficient transport systems and the use of electric vehicles is a key to reducing travelers’ ecological footprint.  Moreover,   sustainable mobility is also about meeting social and economic objectives, like social justice and economic viability.


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Within the last decade, the topic of “sustainable mobility” has continuously found its way to the agendas of tourism and political conferences alike. On various levels, from the local to the global, strategies for sustainable mobility and the introduction of e-mobility have been formulated and are on the way to be implemented successfully. Rapid innovation is taking place among vehicle manufacturers and destinations are making soft mobility offers a major part of a completely new tourist experience.

Meanwhile, regions, destinations and businesses aiming at introducing environmentally friendly mobility can make use of a growing set of tools, guidelines and best practice examples.  In the Alpine Area there has been since 2006 a Network of destinations with carfree traveling offers:

As means of transport concern all areas of the tourism supply chain (i.e. arrival and departure, local transport, accommodation, gastronomy, leisure activities, etc.), a sustainable transport system needs to be embedded in an integrated tourism strategy to be successfully implemented.

Experience shows that the development of sustainable mobility requires a multi-stakeholder approach. Collaboration between politics, the local community, NGOs, experts, destinations, businesses and travelers is essential for making sustainable transport a success – by adapting it to stakeholders' interests and making information available for everyone.

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