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Tourism depends on an intact and attractive nature and culture - the conservation of biodiversity is a priority for all those involved.

The operators of hotels, campsites and restaurants, tour operators, travel agents and destinations can directly and indirectly contribute with many individual measures to the biodiversity targets in Germany, Europe and worldwide (Self-Checks) and as Best Practice Examples show how these actions can be implemented.

National and international professional organisations (Who is Who) provide scientific bases, training, consultancy and publications. Environmental and sustainability certificates and competitions award tourism businesses and destinations for their achievements (Labels, Certificates & Awards). Together, these dedicated tourism provide a growing variety of responsible travel opportunities (Green Travel Map Germany).


Who is Who
Which government organisations and administrations, research, education and consulting institutions, associations and networks provide assistance on Tourism and Biodiversity? 

What can hotels, camp sites, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies, destinations concretely do in the areas of strategy and management, protected areas and landscapes, buildings and premises, procurement, information and training, community engagement?

Publications and Glossary
Which publications are of particular interest for tourism businesses and destinations and provide a scientific basis, case studies, definitions, tips on biodiversity for tourism providers and other professional interested stakeholders? How are the terms defined?
Labels, Certificates and Awards
How can the national and international certificates and competitions strengthen its standards to promote biodiversity objectives? Which labels and Awards are here especially recommended?

Best Practice Examples
Where do have tourism businesses and destinations in Germany and Europe contributed exemplary to the protection of biodiversity? Wo are they? Which biodiversity targets have they implemented?
Green Travel Map Germany
What tourism businesses and destinations in the German states have environmental and sustainability certificates or have won such prices? Which of them are also particularly strong in the field of biodiversity?

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