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Natural and cultural heritage assets, as well as having their own intrinsic value, are of immense importance for tourism, which can both support and threaten their conservation. A sustainable approach to tourism must accept the responsibility to conserve and enhance all forms of tangible and in-tangible heritage as a legacy for future generations. This requires a firm commitment to effective management and  creative, responsible interpretation of heritage, supported by all tourism stakeholders.


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The actions of many players influence the impact of tourism on natural and cultural heritage and vice versa. In general natural and cultural heritage assets can be viewed as public goods with collective value.  Many are owned and managed by public bodies, but some are in private ownership. Tourism enterprises benefit commercially from visitors’ enjoyment of heritage while also providing essential services for nature and culture based tourism. Therefore it is essential that public and private stakeholders and local community and conservation interests work together on the management of heritage areas, sites and themes and on how they are developed and promoted as resources for sustainable tourism.  

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Pointer Gordon Sillence
Pointer Griffith University
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Pointer new-campaign-naturally-unique-for-destination-germany Item only translated in German
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Pointer tourism-and-biodiversity Item only translated in German
Pointer the-ecosystem-services-benchmark Item only translated in German
Pointer reisen-und-schuetzen Item only translated in German
Pointer guide-to-corporate-ecosystem-valuation Item only translated in German
Pointer reference-document-on-best-environmental-management-practice Item only translated in German
Pointer a-guide-through-the-label-jungle Item only translated in German
Pointer die-burren-kliffs-des-moher-geopark-ie Item only translated in German
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Pointer bohinj-international-wildblumen-festival-si Item only translated in German
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Pointer basic-key-figures-and-indicators-for-biodiversity Item only translated in German
Pointer paulo-caldeira Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer tatjana-spaehn Item only translated in German
Pointer tourism-and-visitor-management-in-protected-areas Item only translated in German
Pointer nathalie-maisonneuve Item only translated in French
Pointer biodiversitaet-und-tourismus Item only translated in German
Pointer nachhaltigkeit-im-deutschlandtourismus-sustainability-in-tourism-in-germany Item only translated in German
Pointer "Convenzione europea del paesaggio Firenze, 20 ottobre "
Pointer &Beyond
Pointer 5.º CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE TURISMO RURAL DE NAVARRA Ecotourism and the creation of nature-based products in rural areas”
Pointer A Guide Through the Label Jungle on Travelmole
Pointer A guide through the tourism label jungle – updated and extended
Pointer A-Z of Biodiversity Terms
Pointer Abercrombie & Kent
Pointer Agunì Agriturismo e Locanda
Pointer Albert-Weisgerber-Museum St. Ingbert
Pointer Albrecht -de Jong
Pointer Alpine Pearls
Pointer Alternative Tours
Pointer Angelika Kühn
Pointer Anke Dethlefsen
Pointer Anna Schareck
Pointer Anne Segebade
Pointer Anne-Marie Weiß
Pointer Antarctic tourism is the best managed tourism in the world.
Pointer Antonie Spreu
Pointer BEST PRACTICE: Adamello Brenta Nature Park
Pointer BUND NF
Pointer Balbius Reisen (Deutsch)
Pointer Basecamp Explorer Kenya
Pointer Bernd Straßer
Pointer Biodiversity - a GRI Reporting Resource
Pointer Biodiversity Check EN
Pointer Biodiversity in Good Company - Initiative e.V.
Pointer Biodiversity: Checklists & Green Travel Map for Germany
Pointer Biodiversität und Tourismus By Marion Hammerl
Pointer Biodiversitätskriterien: Empfehlungen für Labels und Awards
Pointer Birgit Andresen
Pointer Bodensee Stiftung
Pointer Bodo Spreu
Pointer Bohinj International Wildblumen Festival (Deutsch)
Pointer Bundesamt für Naturschutz / German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Pointer Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit
Pointer Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat
Pointer CSR Biodiv Press Information Sep 2015-Ecotrans
Pointer CSR Biodiversity Tourism - Workshop ITB 2014 - presentation
Pointer Camp Jabulani
Pointer Cathie Withyman
Pointer Centre of Culinary Arts - Taste Slovenia (SI)
Pointer Chitwan and Bardia national park, Nepal
Pointer Christalla Vassiliou
Pointer Christian Vlasak
Pointer Christine Dethleffsen
Pointer Chumbe Island Coral Park – Champion of a Private Marine Park
Pointer Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future II"
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future III"
Pointer Cornelia Mertens
Pointer Cox and Kings, UK
Pointer DCB Turismo y Desarrollo Local
Pointer Dark Blome
Pointer Denis Tolkach
Pointer DestiNet for Destinations - Knowledge Base
Pointer Diane Seidel
Pointer Die Burren & Kliffs des Moher Geopark (Deutsch)
Pointer Dierk Reimers
Pointer Doris Nebel
Pointer Drumm Consulting/Andy Drumm
Pointer Dörte Hansen
Pointer EEC2013: European Ecotourism Declaration!
Pointer EETLS & E-Tools Handbook (2013)
Pointer EETLS & E-Tools Handbuch (2013)
Pointer Ecolodges Indonesia
Pointer Ecological Initiative NGO
Pointer Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference ESTC 14
Pointer Einstiegswissen - Unternehmen und biologische Vielfalt
Pointer Ekkehard Klatt
Pointer Eko centar Zlatna Greda
Pointer Ellen Brodersen
Pointer Estimatingthe economic value of the benefits provided by the tourism /recreation and employment supported by Natura 2000
Pointer Etienne Pauchant
Pointer Euracademy's 12th Summer Academy
Pointer Europarc Deutschland
Pointer European Ecotourism: Common understanding achieved
Pointer European Wilderness Quality Standard
Pointer European Wilderness Quality Standard
Pointer Expediciones Sierra Norte, Pueblos Mancomunados
Pointer FEDEC National Meeting for Nature Based Tourism
Pointer Farm accommodation “Zonnehorst”, Overijssel, The Netherlands
Pointer Forum. Nachhaltig Wirtschaften
Pointer Fundación Montecito
Pointer Fundación Montecito
Pointer Gerhard Marienfeld
Pointer Giorgi Nozadze
Pointer Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism
Pointer Global Travel and Tourism Partnership
Pointer Global Welfare Guidance for Animal Tourism
Pointer Grootbos Nature Reserve
Pointer Hawaii Ecotourism Association
Pointer Helmut Marczinkowski
Pointer Herbert Hamele - ECOTRANS
Pointer Horst Siebels
Pointer Hôtel-Restaurant de la Sûre
Pointer INSPIRECO CHALLENGE: image competition until 7th Oct 2014
Pointer Infosammlung Natursport
Pointer Ingrid Austen
Pointer Inner Peace Forest Winter Solstice Retreat Programme 2013
Pointer Inner Peace Forest Winter Solstice Retreat Programme 2013
Pointer Integration biologischer Vielfalt in CSR-Prozesse in der Tourismusindustrie
Pointer Integration of biodiversity into CSR processes in tourism
Pointer Interpret Europe - European Association for Heritage Interpretation e.V.
Pointer Italian responsible tourism prize announced
Pointer J.-Georg Carstensen
Pointer JLag
Pointer Jasmund National Park Center “Königsstuhl”, Germany
Pointer Jens Uwe Blender
Pointer Johann-P. Franzen
Pointer Josep Capellà
Pointer Jutta Förster
Pointer Jürgen Kost
Pointer Kitti Baracsi
Pointer Kok-Zhailau ski resort - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Pointer Kutch Adventures India
Pointer LT&C - Linking Tourism and Conservation
Pointer La Alquería de Morayma
Pointer Lake Constance
Pointer Leitfaden "Natura2000, Sport und Tourismus" (de)
Pointer Linking conservation to maritime tourism on the Cape Whale Coast, South Africa
Pointer Ljubljana
Pointer Lorenz Greve
Pointer Losinj island wins Skal International award for sustainable development in tourism
Pointer Madidi National Park, Bolivia – Examples from Chalalán Ecolodge and San Miguel del Bala
Pointer Mahua Kothi
Pointer Margit Ludwig-Schweikert
Pointer Margret Häger
Pointer Marion Hammerl
Pointer Martina Köster
Pointer Merill Eco Tours
Pointer Michael Klisch
Pointer Mira Stavermann
Pointer Monika Vasiljević
Pointer Mountain Shepherds Initiative
Pointer Ms. Napat Chaipraditkul, Thailand
Pointer Ms. Napat Chaipraditkul, Thailand
Pointer NABU SH
Pointer Namibia
Pointer Napo Wildlife Center, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
Pointer National Association for Ecotourism "Ecotourism Serbia"
Pointer Natura 2000 Awards
Pointer Naturfreunde International (NFI)
Pointer Naturfreunde International: News
Pointer Naturschutzgemeinschaft Sylt
Pointer Naturschutzverein Mittleres NF
Pointer Naturschutzverein Südtondern
Pointer Network Living Lakes Germany
Pointer New EBBC Guide: EMAS and Biodiversity
Pointer Nikki Rose
Pointer Nin, Croatia – unique secret in the Lagoon
Pointer Northeast and Yilan Coast
Pointer Ohle thor Straten
Pointer Okavango Delta (BW)
Pointer PROJEKTINFORMATION - Integration von Biodiversitätsaspekten in aktuelle CSR Prozesse im Tourismus
Pointer PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o.
Pointer Paolo Meozzi
Pointer Parkstad Limburg
Pointer Peaks of the Balkans
Pointer Pench Tiger Reserve
Pointer Pla'tou
Pointer Practical, Profitable, Protected: A starter guide to developing sustainable tourism in protected areas
Pointer Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps, Austria
Pointer Pressemitteilung: Biodiversitätskriterien für den Tourismus: Empfehlungen für Standards, Labels und Awards
Pointer Project information - Biodiversity in Standards, Certificates and Awards in the Tourism Sector
Pointer Provincia di Reggio calabria - Assessorato ai beni culturali
Pointer Pugdundee Safaris & Ken River Lodge, Madhya Pradesh
Pointer Quinta do Pisão Nature Park
Pointer Quinta do Pisão Naturpark (Deutsch)
Pointer REGULATION (EU) No 1143/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species
Pointer Raimund Donalies
Pointer Rainald Meggers
Pointer Rainer Borcherding
Pointer Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve
Pointer Renée Oetting-Jessel
Pointer Responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Nin
Pointer Rolf Suppe
Pointer Royal Expeditions
Pointer Rubbish and Birdlife - from the Pacific
Pointer Runa Brunk
Pointer SAVE Travel Alliance - Asia Pacific Focal Point
Pointer Sabine Gettner
Pointer Sabrina Vecchio Ruggeri
Pointer Sawadee
Pointer Schutzstation Wattenmeer
Pointer Second Nature Asia Pacific
Pointer Selbstcheck-Potentiale für die naturnahe Gestaltung am Unternehmensstandort
Pointer Silke Lieser
Pointer Singinawa Jungle Lodge
Pointer Sintra-Cascais Natural Park
Pointer Sintra-Cascais Naturpark (Deutsch)
Pointer Skálanes Nature and Heritage Centre
Pointer Soneva Fushi in Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Maldives
Pointer South Georgia Habitat Restoration project
Pointer South Pacific Regional Tourism Executive Training Programme
Pointer Sozopol, Bulgaria
Pointer Stakeholder Structures And Relationships by Richard Denman English
Pointer Stakeholder Structures And Relationships by Richard Denman German
Pointer Study Abroad in Greece: The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle
Pointer Sustainable Tourism in Hel Peninsula
Pointer Svalbard
Pointer TOOL TEMPLATE DRAFT1: The 5-Flower-Tool
Pointer Tasmania
Pointer The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)
Pointer The European Ecotourism Labelling Standard -EETLS-revised (Ecolnet,2011)
Pointer The International Wadden Sea (NL/D/DK)
Pointer The Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration
Pointer The Soneva Group
Pointer Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge
Pointer Tourism Sector and Biodiversity Conservation. Best Practise Benchmarking
Pointer Tourism Supporting Biodiversity
Pointer Tourism and Local Agenda 21
Pointer Tourism and Visitor Management
Pointer Tourism to and on Galapagos
Pointer Tourism und Biodiversity: New Knowledge Pool and ’Green Travel Map’ for the German Tourism Branch
Pointer Tourismus und Biologische Vielfalt: Neuer Wissenspool und „Grüne Reisekarte“ für die Tourismusbranche in Deutschland
Pointer Trnič Käse auf jedem Esstisch (Deutsch)
Pointer U Levante
Pointer University-Enterprise Foundation of the Balearic Islands
Pointer Using natural and cultural heritage to develop sustainable tourism in non-traditional tourist destinations
Pointer Ute Pausch
Pointer VERORDNUNG (EU) Nr. 1143/2014 DES EUROPÄISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES über die Prävention und das Management der Einbringung und Ausbreitung invasiver gebietsfremder Arten
Pointer VISTAS! Durbuy Story on Visions-Travelmole (26 mar 2014)
Pointer VISTAS! Gozo - Eco Island by 2020
Pointer VISTAS! Gozo Story on Visions-Travelmole (1st april 2014)
Pointer VISTAwards Spotlight on Irresponsible Tourism - Algarve International Race Track
Pointer Verband Deutscher Naturparke e. V. (VDN)
Pointer Verband deutscher Naturparke e.V.: News
Pointer Verein Jordsand
Pointer Video: Black Forest - Sustainable Travel Experience
Pointer Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa
Pointer Visit Sugamuxi
Pointer WWF European Policy Office
Pointer WWF Wattenmeerbüro
Pointer Walter Körnig
Pointer Walther Petersen-Andresen
Pointer Werner Mansen
Pointer Wiese Julia
Pointer Wildernest
Pointer Workshop Internazionale Ecoturismo & Governance
Pointer Workshop in Isparta 21-22 May 2014
Pointer World Summit on Sustainable Tourism ST+20
Pointer Zentrum der kulinarischen Kunst - Probieren Sie Slowenien (Deutsch)
Pointer fatma akay
Pointer Ökologischer Tourismus in Europa e.V. (Ö.T.E.)
Pointer Öömrang Ferian
Pointer Šibenik - The Centre of the Mediterranean Cuisine
Pointer B.1. "ask expert" example (Herbert Hamele)
Pointer ECOTRANS e.V.