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Natural and cultural heritage assets, as well as having their own intrinsic value, are of immense importance for tourism, which can both support and threaten their conservation. A sustainable approach to tourism must accept the responsibility to conserve and enhance all forms of tangible and in-tangible heritage as a legacy for future generations. This requires a firm commitment to effective management and  creative, responsible interpretation of heritage, supported by all tourism stakeholders.


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The actions of many players influence the impact of tourism on natural and cultural heritage and vice versa. In general natural and cultural heritage assets can be viewed as public goods with collective value.  Many are owned and managed by public bodies, but some are in private ownership. Tourism enterprises benefit commercially from visitors’ enjoyment of heritage while also providing essential services for nature and culture based tourism. Therefore it is essential that public and private stakeholders and local community and conservation interests work together on the management of heritage areas, sites and themes and on how they are developed and promoted as resources for sustainable tourism.  

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