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The development of human potential through networking, education and training is the primary mechanism to implement sustainable tourism development. The implementation of sustainable tourism requires a knowledgeable, skilled and professional workforce which can adapt and innovate.


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Knowledge Networking refers to the transfer of knowledge between individuals and organisations. This can be done in a structured way, with social networking sites such as Facebook and Linked in demonstrating how this works. DestiNet itself is a dedicated knowledge networking tool for sustainable tourism development.  See a list of knowledge networks using DestiNet.

Training and Education is composed of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences, which now need to occur throughout one’s entire lifetime, hence the term ‘Life-Long Learning’.  At the global level, UN-WTO and UNEP have developed a wide range of education and training resources that can be used to build stakeholder capacity for sustainable tourism development, These handbooks tend to reflect the best of national level good practice. However, many national level organisations produce excellent education and training materials as well (see resources section). 

Organizations leading the sustainable tourism implementation process need to encourage, promote and support networking, training and education for the tourism industry to enable all stakeholders to act responsibly.

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On the topic "Knowledge Networking, Training and Education" DestiNet provides you a lot of helpful organisations, good practice examples, tools and publications -  share your own information and good practices on "My DestiNet"!

With the Tourism Knowledge & Innovation Communities approach You can develop a profile of your own knowledge & innovation community and manage it on an own folder in "My DestiNet".


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Pointer Gordon Sillence
Pointer Griffith University
Pointer tec-news Item only translated in German
Pointer tourisme-transports-territoires-environnement-conseil-tec Item only translated in German
Pointer luis-santos Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer Item only translated in German
Pointer new-campaign-naturally-unique-for-destination-germany Item only translated in German
Pointer gioacchino-trapani Item only translated in Italian
Pointer alternative-tours Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer biosphaerenzweckverband-bliesgau Item only translated in German
Pointer floss-der-nachhaltigkeit Item only translated in German
Pointer die-burren-kliffs-des-moher-geopark-ie Item only translated in German
Pointer fonda-ein-gruener-besuch-zu-wolfsbarschen-und-muscheln-si Item only translated in German
Pointer paulo-caldeira Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer tatjana-spaehn Item only translated in German
Pointer nachhaltigkeit-im-deutschlandtourismus-sustainability-in-tourism-in-germany Item only translated in German
Pointer Sustainable Tourism
Pointer 1st Inter-African Youth Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme
Pointer 1st Inter-African Youth Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme-“Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating partnerships for Employment Creation, Economic Growth, and Development in Africa.”
Pointer 1st in situ meeting in Berlin / Eberswalde
Pointer 21st Century Adventures
Pointer 2nd EETC - Hamele - Sustainable Tourism Certification - Ecotourism - oct 2013
Pointer 2nd EETC - the ideal ecotourism label - workshop -oct2013
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (English)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (French)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (German)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (Spanish)
Pointer A Guide Through the Label Jungle 2016
Pointer A Guide Through the Label Jungle on Travelmole
Pointer A guide through the tourism label jungle – updated and extended
Pointer APA-OTS Tourismuspresse
Pointer Abercrombie & Kent
Pointer About Asia Travel
Pointer African Diplomatic Academy
Pointer Afro Gobal Youth Exchange PTY LTD
Pointer AgriTerra
Pointer Akademie England Exter
Pointer Akademie England Exter
Pointer Akdeniz University
Pointer Albert Salman
Pointer Aleksandra Czapczyk
Pointer Anke Bidenkapp
Pointer Anula Galewska
Pointer Arquitectos Urbanistas e Ingenieros Asociados (AUIA)
Pointer Article for Celebration of Olympism
Pointer Ass. “F.A.G. (forest and agricolture group)”
Pointer Atelier on Tourism
Pointer Basquetour hosting the European Summer School 2015
Pointer Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Pointer Beyond Travel Magazine
Pointer Bodensee Stiftung
Pointer Bonjour Paris
Pointer Bookgreener
Pointer Breaking Travel News
Pointer Budget Travel
Pointer Business Traveller
Pointer Büro für innovative Projekte im Gesundheitswesen
Pointer C.R.E.A.M Europe PPP Alliance
Pointer CNN
Pointer CSR Biodiv Press Information Sep 2015-Ecotrans
Pointer Carla Aguirre Munoz
Pointer Carmacal' B2B carbon calculator by ANVR
Pointer Cathie Withyman
Pointer Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)
Pointer Centre for sustainable tourism and transport of the NHTV International University for Professional Education Breda
Pointer Chicago Tribune
Pointer Christine Koblun
Pointer CondeNast Traveller
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future II"
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future III"
Pointer Connecting Past and Future II Erdmute Prokosch-Sander Olympos
Pointer Customer service for sustainable tourism
Pointer Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI)
Pointer DCB Turismo y Desarrollo Local
Pointer Dagmar Lund-Durlacher
Pointer Daily Mail
Pointer Daily Mail Online
Pointer Denis Tolkach
Pointer DestiNet for Destinations - Knowledge Base
Pointer DestiNet provides more transparency in sustainable tourism
Pointer DestiNet provides more transparency on sustainable tourism
Pointer DestiNet services expanded for Green Key
Pointer Destinations Travel Magazine
Pointer Destinations Travel Magazine
Pointer Die Burren & Kliffs des Moher Geopark (Deutsch)
Pointer Dominik Siegrist
Pointer Dominique Verdugo
Pointer Düsseldorfer Hochschule für Tourismus
Pointer E - the environmental magazine
Pointer ECOTRANS gives insight to 50 leading labels worldwide
Pointer EEC2013: European Ecotourism Declaration!
Pointer EETLS & E-Tools Handbook (2013)
Pointer EETLS & E-Tools Handbuch (2013)
Pointer Earth Easy
Pointer Eco Business
Pointer Eco Tourism
Pointer Eco Green Hotels
Pointer EcoGuide Certification
Pointer EcoLabel Luxembourg /Oekozenter Luxembourg
Pointer Ecolnet News 3: Networking Ecotourism in Europe
Pointer Ecolodges Indonesia
Pointer Ecological Initiative NGO
Pointer Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference ESTC 14
Pointer Education for Sustainable Development toolkit
Pointer Eko centar Zlatna Greda
Pointer Erdmute Prokosch-Sander
Pointer Escapist Traveller
Pointer Euracademy's 12th Summer Academy
Pointer European ERASMUS project for Sustainable Tourism
Pointer European Ecotourism: Common understanding achieved
Pointer European Network for Accessible Tourism ENAT
Pointer European Realities of Responsible Tourism, 2/12/2013, Brussels
Pointer FAI sezione REGGIO CAL.
Pointer FT- Financial Times
Pointer FUTOUR Tourismusberatung
Pointer Flores (ID)
Pointer Fonda -Ein grüner Besuch zu Wolfsbarschen und Muscheln (Deutsch)
Pointer Forbes. com
Pointer FortunaMedia Agentur für Film und Kunst
Pointer François Tourisme Consultant
Pointer François Tourisme Consultant
Pointer Friends in Germany
Pointer Fundación Cesefor
Pointer Fundación Montecito
Pointer Fundación Montecito
Pointer Futour: News
Pointer GBRMPA - Great Barrier Reef Marine Protected Area
Pointer Geme - Groupe d’Experts pour la Maîtrise de l’Environnement
Pointer Geme - Groupe d’Experts pour la Maîtrise de l’Environnement
Pointer Geographical
Pointer Global Partnership e.V.
Pointer Go Nomad
Pointer Goethe Institut
Pointer Good Planet
Pointer Gordon Sillence
Pointer Green Economics Institute
Pointer Green Economics Institute
Pointer Green Global Travel
Pointer Green Hospitality Award
Pointer Green Lodging News
Pointer Green Power Academy Training Courses
Pointer GreenPartner
Pointer Gruppo Micologico Culturale e Ambientale Reggino
Pointer HNEE
Pointer Hacettepe University
Pointer Hawaii Ecotourism Association
Pointer Herbert Hamele
Pointer Herbert Hamele
Pointer Herbert Hamele - ECOTRANS
Pointer Holiday Inn Mexico Coyoacan
Pointer Huber Kartographie
Pointer Huffington Post
Pointer Hultgren und Partner
Pointer Hôtel-Restaurant de la Sûre
Pointer Hüseyin Genc
Pointer IIIEE - The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University
Pointer INSPIRECO CHALLENGE: image competition until 7th Oct 2014
Pointer ITB GreenDestinations Networking: DestiNet for Destinations
Pointer Ilka
Pointer Independent Travel
Pointer Inholland University
Pointer Inner Peace Forest Winter Solstice Retreat Programme 2013
Pointer Inner Peace Forest Winter Solstice Retreat Programme 2013
Pointer Innovation in Ecotourism by Gordon Sillence
Pointer Institute of Sociology NCU
Pointer Instituto de la Sostenibilidad Turística
Pointer Intarnational Urban Development Association INTA
Pointer International Handbook on Tourism and Peace
Pointer International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Pointer International Institute of Tourism Studies
Pointer International Sustainable Tourism Initiative
Pointer Interpret Europe - European Association for Heritage Interpretation e.V.
Pointer Isa-Lou Sander
Pointer Islands
Pointer JLag
Pointer Janela Aberta 21
Pointer Josep Capellà
Pointer Journey Woman
Pointer Kumud Sengupta
Pointer LA Times Travel
Pointer Liina Org
Pointer Lisa Davies
Pointer Locride Sviluppo
Pointer Lonely Planet
Pointer Losinj island wins Skal International award for sustainable development in tourism
Pointer Lošinj - Island of Vitality
Pointer Luxury Travel
Pointer Margaret Leach
Pointer Maria Dressler
Pointer Maria Teresa Lemos
Pointer Mediterranea University
Pointer Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
Pointer Monica Herrera-Pavia
Pointer Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
Pointer NG Sustainable
Pointer NG Traveller Magazine
Pointer NL RNT
Pointer Nancy Needham
Pointer National Geographic
Pointer National Geographic
Pointer New European Toolkit Supporting Ecotourism Development
Pointer New guide through the label jungle !
Pointer Newsletter Issue 3 EEN
Pointer Nikki Rose
Pointer Nomadista
Pointer Olympos on the Way to Sustainable Tourism by Peter Zimmer
Pointer Open TS
Pointer Outside Magazine
Pointer PM4SD
Pointer PM4SD FOUNDATION TRAINING COURSE. Project Management for Sustainable Development: Manage Tourism with Success
Pointer PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o.
Pointer Patrick Lehnes
Pointer Peter Zimmer
Pointer Petra Bollich
Pointer Pla'tou
Pointer PoloNet di innovazione sulle energie rinnovabili, efficienza energetica e tecnologie per la gestione sostenibile delle risorse ambientali della Regione Calabria Net scarl
Pointer Pology. com
Pointer Premios ISTur
Pointer Press Release- “Celebration of Olympism” and promoting the Olympic Truce in Nepal
Pointer Project Management for Sustainable Development: Foundation Training Course
Pointer Quickfinder on Sustainable Tourism Certification worldwide
Pointer RTM Centre
Pointer Rachel Dodds
Pointer Rekwest
Pointer Research Institute for Managing Sustainability (RIMAS)
Pointer Response & abilty
Pointer Responsible Hospitality Partnership
Pointer Responsible Tourism Partnership - News
Pointer Richard Denman
Pointer Road Junky
Pointer Romar Traveller Pass
Pointer Réservert
Pointer SAVE Travel Alliance - Asia Pacific Focal Point
Pointer SGS Academy
Pointer ST+20 Conference: Introduction to the panel "Partnerships"
Pointer ST+20: Partnerships for a Sustainable Future - Green Travel Map Germany (pdf)
Pointer Scheune Neuhaus
Pointer Second Nature Asia Pacific
Pointer Sendzimir Foundation
Pointer Silvacultura
Pointer Simon Birch
Pointer Skema Business School France
Pointer Skálanes Nature and Heritage Centre
Pointer Smart Cities - European Innovation Partnership
Pointer South Pacific Regional Tourism Executive Training Programme
Pointer Southwest Anatolia Forest Research Institute (SAFRI)
Pointer Spotlight on Irresponsible Tourism - Report Template
Pointer Stakeholder Structures And Relationships by Richard Denman German
Pointer Stella Chrysalidou
Pointer Stenden University, The Netherlands
Pointer Stichting Landschap Noord-Holland
Pointer Study Abroad in Greece: The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle
Pointer Sunday Telegraph
Pointer Sustainability in Tourism Education
Pointer Sustainability in tourism is a market demand, not a trend
Pointer Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa
Pointer Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic & Ionian Region
Pointer Sustainable Tourism in Hel Peninsula
Pointer Sustainable tourism – new hit in schools
Pointer TOOL TEMPLATE DRAFT1: The 5-Flower-Tool
Pointer TRINET
Pointer TYP Akademie Seminare mit Stil.
Pointer Texas A & M University
Pointer The 2nd European Ecotourism Conference
Pointer The Code Organisation
Pointer The Compass
Pointer The Ecologist
Pointer The Natural Step
Pointer The Pass
Pointer The Responsible Tourism Partnership
Pointer The Times Travel
Pointer Tourcert: CSR-Workshops
Pointer Tourism and Local Agenda 21
Pointer Tourism und Biodiversity: New Knowledge Pool and ’Green Travel Map’ for the German Tourism Branch
Pointer Tourismus und Biologische Vielfalt: Neuer Wissenspool und „Grüne Reisekarte“ für die Tourismusbranche in Deutschland
Pointer Transitions abroad
Pointer Travel 50 and Beyond
Pointer Travel Classics
Pointer Travel Guardian
Pointer Travel Terrific
Pointer Travel Bizz News
Pointer Travel Mag
Pointer Travel Oké
Pointer Travel to Wellness
Pointer Travelife - Sustainability in tourism
Pointer US Travel Online
Pointer Ulrike Pöbstl
Pointer University of Bedfordshire
Pointer University of Pannonia, Hungary
Pointer University-Enterprise Foundation of the Balearic Islands
Pointer VISTAS Awards
Pointer Vacations Magazine
Pointer Valere Tjolle
Pointer Verband deutscher Naturparke e.V.: News
Pointer Viator
Pointer Vision on Sustainable Tourism
Pointer Visit Sugamuxi
Pointer Wageningen-UR (WUR)
Pointer Wanderlust
Pointer Washington Post
Pointer Wiese Julia
Pointer Workshop Internazionale Ecoturismo & Governance
Pointer World Summit on Sustainable Tourism ST+20
Pointer Yes Magazine
Pointer Zina Sorensen
Pointer bulletin 1
Pointer erkan bulbul
Pointer fatma akay
Pointer iéseg
Pointer roman frick
Pointer BEST EN Resources
Pointer OAR Tourism Consulting Services
Pointer B.1. "ask expert" example (Herbert Hamele)
Pointer ECOTRANS e.V.

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