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The development of human potential through networking, education and training is the primary mechanism to implement sustainable tourism development. The implementation of sustainable tourism requires a knowledgeable, skilled and professional workforce which can adapt and innovate.


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Knowledge Networking refers to the transfer of knowledge between individuals and organisations. This can be done in a structured way, with social networking sites such as Facebook and Linked in demonstrating how this works. DestiNet itself is a dedicated knowledge networking tool for sustainable tourism development.  See a list of knowledge networks using DestiNet.

Training and Education is composed of formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences, which now need to occur throughout one’s entire lifetime, hence the term ‘Life-Long Learning’.  At the global level, UN-WTO and UNEP have developed a wide range of education and training resources that can be used to build stakeholder capacity for sustainable tourism development, These handbooks tend to reflect the best of national level good practice. However, many national level organisations produce excellent education and training materials as well (see resources section). 

Organizations leading the sustainable tourism implementation process need to encourage, promote and support networking, training and education for the tourism industry to enable all stakeholders to act responsibly.

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