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Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) was developed as that aspect of Agenda 21 dealing with the need to make both consumer and producer activities more sustainable by improving economic performance without further environmental and social deterioration. SCP is about encouraging sustainable supply chain activity and sustainable demand.  It includes resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, social equity, green jobs, ethical consumer choices and a better quality of life.

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SCP was a corner-stone of the 2002 WSSD, leading to the Marrakesh Process, ( which brought together seven thematic areas designed to reduce economic, environmental and social costs, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty, each with its own ‘task force’. Tourism was one of these areas. In the DestiNet Portal, SCP is an over-arching topic that covers all other topics, and links tourism development to the wider issues of sustainability.

The development of SCP needs to be a multi-stakeholder, multi-sector process. Tourism sector stakeholders need to engage in the wider sustainable development debate to develop cross-cutting synergies.

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