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"Green Travel Maps" on DestiNet is a new planning service for local, regional or national tourism marketing organizations and destinations, aiming to identify and map and raise the number of tourist attractions and products that demonstrably contribute to a environmentally friendly and socially compatible tourism in the destination area, proved by certificates, labels and awards for sustainable tourism. The maps can be used for both managing, marketing and monitoring the green tourism offer.

... provides benefits for all

See as example Green Travel Map Germany

This is what you get from our Green Travel Maps service

A    An Online Tool to Develop Product Visibility

1. An online workspace folder pre-filled with a customised listing of ‘green’ proofs" (environmental and sustainability certification programmes) to which your destination and your businesses can apply for;

e.g. in Germany

2. A listing and map of your destination prefilled with your existing green businesses; Example region
3. The ability to list, map and monitor other businesses/USPs in your territory relevant to the green mapping process (eg potential businesses, support organisations, green landmarks).

B    An Online Product to Give You Market Access

4. Your destination Green Travel Map can then be used on its own as a landing page to your green offers, both on your own site and in the DestiNet portal in our global collection of Green Travel Maps, which can be used for b2b or b2c purposes.

C    A Publicity and Promotion b2b Process to Improve Your Destination's Outreach


The green offers in your destination will be integrated into our  global DestiNet Travel Green Atlas, which is the largest global certified sustainable tourism market place.


A regular green destinations’ publicity and promotions newsfeed in the DestiNet portal.

D    Price List

Implementation of your customised "Green Travel Maps" folder, help desk
250 Euro
Annual fee for the Green Travel Map services:
- small destination (e.g. town, little island)
250 Euro
- medium destinaton (e.g. county, biosphere reserve, national parc)
500 Euro
- large destination (e.g. state, national region)
1,000 Euro

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