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The PAN Parks Foundation is an independent foundation that focuses on improving the management effectiveness of protected areas (Principle 1-3). It is the world’s first operational, third-party certification system under the WCPA [World Commission on Protected Areas] Framework for Management Effectiveness. 

The PAN Parks Foundation's activity also includes the verification of regions around protected areas (Principle 4) and business partners (local, national, and international, Principle 5). It engages directly with the tourism industry which is a sector that constitutes not only a key threat to conservation in many areas, but also presents opportunities for protected area conservation. The foundation provides marketing and communication support to promote the PAN Parks concept and Certified PAN Parks.


Certifying Organisation PAN Parks Foundation
Partner Organisation/s No Information Available
Travel Countries Europe including European part of Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey
Certified Tourism Services 13 PAN Parks, 70 Local Business Partners
Sustainability Areas Economy, Environment, Social Issues, 
Transparency Link to the Standard
Assessment Process On site Third Party Assessment
Market Place Besides certified protected areas local business partners represents e.g. B&B, hotels, tour operators, guides, etc.
License Period 5-7 Years



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Personal Title Mr.
Firstname Vlado
Lastname Vancura
Organisation PAN Parks Foundation
Postal Address Arany János street 31, 9021 Győr, Hungary
Phone Number +36 96 523666
Fax Number +36 96 523665
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Released 08/05/2018
Country Europe
Keywords CSRBIODIV, Certification and standards, Ecotourism, Europe, SFP, awardingorganisations
Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level Sub-Global