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The Nature's Best was the first national quality and sustainability label for ecotourism industry. Nature’s Best certifies and promotes the best Swedish tour operators and their finest products.

Certifying Organisation The Swedish Ecotourism Society
Partner Organisation/s No Information Available
Travel Countries Sweden
Certified Tourism Services 70
Sustainability Areas Economy, Environment, Social Issues
Transparency Link to the Standard
Assessment Process Desk-Top First and on Site  Second Party Assessment
Market Place Tour Operators
License Period 3 Years

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Personal Title Mr.
Firstname Per
Lastname Jiborn
Organisation Swedish Ecotourism Society
Postal Address Box 2020, 593 02 VÄSTERVIK, Sweden
Phone Number +46 (0)490 - 137 50
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Released 06/11/2017
Country Sweden
Keywords CEU42, Certification and standards, Ecotourism, Europe, MPCTOU, SFP, awardingorganisations
Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level National