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GREEN PEARLS offers marketing and PR services for "handpicked" eco- friendly hotels, resorts, destinations regions and restaurants around the world. To be certified the businesses and destinations have to meet 80% of the sustainability criteria from "architecture" to "social projects".

Certifying Organisation Green Pearls® GmbH
Partner Organisation/s
Travel Countries International
Certified Tourism Services

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Sustainability Areas Environment, Management, Social Issues, Culture
Transparency Link to the Standard
Assessment Process On site visits (second party), yearly update
Market Place Accommodations, restaurants, destinations, projects
License Period 2 years
International recognition

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Personal Title Mrs.
Firstname Stefany
Lastname Seipp
Job Title CEO
Organisation Green Pearls® GmbH Unique Places
Postal Address Richard-Wagner-Weg 40, 64287 Darmstadt
Phone Number +49 (0) 61 51 273 669 11
Fax Number +49 (0) 61 51 273 669 19
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Released 06/11/2017
Country Germany
Keywords CEU15, Europe, MPCACC, MPCACT, MPCDES, awardingorganisations
Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level Global