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The Zaļais sertifikāts (Green Certificate) is an eco-label affirming environmental quality in vacation properties and open rural farms which save natural resources and use them rationally, offer environment friendly tourist activities, healthy, locally produced food and extensive information on the local natural, cultural and historical attractions.

Certifying Organisation
Latvian Country Tourism Association „Lauku ceļotājs“
Partner Organisation/s
The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Travel Countries
Certified Tourism Services
over 80
Sustainability Areas
Environment, Management, Social issues, Culture, Food
Assessment Process
On site Third Party Assessment
Market Place
Rural accommodations, camping sites, small producers working in tourism
License Period
3 Years
International recognition

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Personal Title Ms.
Firstname Asnāte
Lastname Ziemele
Organisation Latvian Country Tourism Association "Lauku ceïotâjs"
Postal Address "Lauku Ceļotājs", Kuģu iela 11, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvija
Phone Number 00371 676 17 600
Fax Number 00371 678 300 41
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Released 06/11/2017
Country Latvia
Keywords CEU22, Certification and standards, Europe, MPCACC, SFP, awardingorganisations
Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level National