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A Service for Green Destinations, Certificates and Travellers

Worldwide more than 100 certification programmes and labels for sustainable tourism are operating on national or international level and give credibility to businesses and destinations. More and more tourists and destination managers are aware of their role in travelling more responsibly and in offering more environmentally friendly and socially compatible travel and tourism experiences. But: so far only 1% of tourism businesses and destinations are certified as "green" - in most destinations "the better choice" does not yet exist. 

Green Travel Maps on DestiNet ... a new planning service for local, regional or national tourism marketing organizations and destinations, aiming to identify and map and raise the number of tourist attractions and products that demonstrably contribute to a environmentally friendly and socially compatible tourism in the destination area, proved by certificates, labels and awards for sustainable tourism. The maps can be used for both managing, marketing and monitoring the green tourism offer.

... provide benefits for all

Green Travel Maps are supporting green certificates and labels in being better known and more used by tourism businesses and destinations.

Collectively destinations and certification programmes can use Green Travel Maps for making tourism more sustainable and continuously raising the market share of the better choice from 1% to 10% until 2030.

Tour operators, travel agents and booking services can use the Green Travel Maps and receive lists of certified tourism for planning their travel packages and bringing the green tourism offers closer to the consumer.

Travelers can search on the Green Travel Maps for green businesses in their destinations, can find green tour operators, travel agents and booking services

NGOs and partnerships can use the Green Travel Maps and and DestiNet services for their projects and inform their members and clients about more or less green destinations

Governmental and administration bodies can use the Green Travel Maps for monitoring progress and measuring the tourism impact on sustainable development.

... a Partnership for Making Tourism more Sustainable

Green Travel Maps is a joint contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, above all to the Goal 12 of "ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns" in tourism. All Green Travel Maps partners are committed to making tourism more sustainable:
  • Environmental and sustainable tourism certification programmes and labels give guidance and credibility to their certified businesses and services

  • Local, regional and national destination management organisations inform their businesses and services about participating national and international certification programmes and labels as green proofs, and use their green travel maps for managing their green tourism offer

  • Ecotrans manages the DestiNet platform as UN registered "Partnership for Sustainable Development" to  provide transparency on sustainable tourism. The independent network offers complementary tools and expert services to destinations.

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  • a tour operator, travel agent or booking service interested in bringing the green offer closer to the consumer?

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