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El Yüe is a place where forest, and indigenous and Afro-Caribbean cultures meet. It is 5 km (3.1 miles) from Puerto Viejo, an area with precious beaches and cultural contrasts. El Yüe is managed by women from an association in the Carbon 1 community, who are proud to share their culture and provide authentic Costa Rican hospitality. They made a living from banana and vegetable production until they formed their association in 1994 and established the El Yüe agroecological farm. In El Yüe, the women have improved their quality of life while conserving natural resources through reforestation and monitoring to avoid deforestation and illegal hunting, waste management, and environmental education.

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Personal Title Mrs.
Firstname Kyra
Lastname Cruz
Job Title Director
Organisation ACTUAR
Phone Number 506-2248-9470
Fax Number 506-2248-9470
Released 10/11/2009
Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Operational level Unspecified