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Our role as non-profit environmental small NGO, is to benefit environment and our diverse interactions with it (including tourism of course) looking for a wise use of nature and sustainability in every activity; specially on Andean mounts and wetlands, focused now in two regions of Colombia (Boyacá, Santander), with a particular attention to Lake Tota (working via Causa Tota) our biggest and highest lake in the country. Please visit our website for more details.

In relation to sustainable tourism, eco-tourism and/or tourism of nature, we do have the initiative called VisitSugamuxi, it is a guide for tourists and travellers to the region of Sugamuxi in the middle of Colombian Andes; which is fully linked to support the environmental work we do.

As NGO we are also linked to, and members of the World Wetland Network (WWN), a network of small and medium sized NGOs around the planet, working to protect wetlands.

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Firstname Felipe
Lastname Velasco
Job Title Director
Organisation Fundación Montecito
Postal Address CL 12 10-48, Of. 108-A; Sogamoso, Colombia
Fax Number +57 8 7720868
Mobile +57 310 7726819
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Released 25/10/2013
Country Colombia,
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