Certificate Umweltpakt Bayern

Since 1997, the Bavarian government grants the “Bavarian environmental seal for hospitality” to environmentally conscious sustainable hotels and catering establishments. The environmental seal (the only public environmental certification for the hospitality sector in Germany) has become a trademark for environmental protection.

The label has been active until 2017. Certified hotels and restaurants now can join the "Umweltpakt Bayern".  Members use a online selfcheck system and need to achieve 100 points to be allowed to use the "Umweltpakt Bayern" logo.  

Certifying Organisation The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Public Health, The Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology
Partner Organisation/s
License Period (years)
Certified Tourism (nr)  26

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Organisation The Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health
Postal Address Postfach 81 01 40 81901 München, Germany
Phone Number 089 9214 2287 or 2493
Webpage https://www.umweltpakt.bayern.de/management/fachwissen/211/bayerisches-umweltsiegel-gastgewerbe - open in new window
Released 14/11/2018
Country Germany
Certified categories
  • Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
  • Restaurants & Catering Services Restaurants & Catering Services
Expiry date 29/09/2019
Operational level Regional
Sustainability Environmental
Credibility Desk, random or 2nd party audit
  • Standard published online for free