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About the GSTC Criteria & Good Practice examples from Destinations in Europe

The Good practice examples show measures taken by destinations, which serve as inspiration for other destinations to innovate and to make tourism more sustainable. These European examples have been been researched and compiled by Quality Coast, EDEN, Alpine Pearls in partnership with ECOTRANS in 2013/2014 (DestiNet Innovation Group). The destinations were nominated to the VISTAS Awards and presented at ITB 2014. Further examples have been researched and compiled by the INSPIRECO project in 2013 -2014. For the descriptions the contributors have used the DestiNet Best Practice template and keyworded the examples with the relevant GSTC Criteria for Destinations.

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GSTC Criteria for Destinations

Section A - Management

Section B: Socio-Economic

Section C: Cultural

Section D: Environmental