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The Nordic Swan certifies a broad range of businesses, including hotels, restaurants and conference facilities. 

The label is since 1999 active.

Certifying Organisation
Ecolabelling Sweden
Partner Organisation/s
Travel Countries
Sweden, Norway, Danemark, Finland, Iceland
Certified Tourism Services
about 700
Sustainability Areas
Assessment Process
On site Third Party Assessment
Market Place
Accommodations, Restaurants, Activities
License Period
3-4 Years

Organisation Ecolabelling Sweden
Postal Address Västgötagatan 2, 100 64 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone Number +46 (0)8 - 55 55 24 00
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Released 13/06/2016
Country Sweden,Denmark,Iceland,Norway,Finland,,
Keywords CEU11, CEU13, CEU18, CEU32, CEU42, Certification, Europe, MPCACC, MPCACT, MPCRES, SFP, awardingorganisations,
Organization Type NGOs, Partnerships, Networks, Projects NGOs, Partnerships, Networks, Projects
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level Sub-Global