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The Green Leaf certification is superior to other certification schemes in Thailand because it is based in local culture and wisdom.  The relationship of water, energy, food, space, nature, intention, and well-being are explored and measured in this certification process in a manner consistent with Thai personal and business custom.   Most participating organizations appear to prefer the Green Leaf program because it is a Thai-sourced and educative process, when replicated in other countries, the local context greatly informs the certification process.

Certifying Organisation
Green Leaf Foundation, Thailand
Partner Organisation/s
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Metropolitan Water Works, United Nations Environment Program, Thai Hotel Association  and Association for the Development of Environmental Quality
Travel Countries
Certified Tourism Services
Sustainability Areas
Environment, Management, Social Issues
Link to the Standard(partially published)
Assessment Process
Second Party Assessment, on site
Market Place
License Period
2 Years


Firstname Chirapol
Lastname Sintunawa
Organisation Green Leaf Foundation
Postal Address 1600, Tourism Authority of Thialand Building , New Phet Buri Road, Makkasan , Rajchathewi, Bangkok, 10400
Phone Number +66(0)2 6528321-2
Fax Number +2 652 - 8322
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Released 17/06/2016
Country Thailand,,
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Organization Type Businesses Businesses
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Certification & Marketing
Operational level National