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The Green Destinations Standard is a flexible system to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability of destinations and regions. The Standard applies 100 criteria (including all GSTC-D Criteria) and 100 indicators (including a selection of ETIS indicators).  

The Standard enables the creation of a SWOT, a quality profile, and thematic ratings on: Destination Management, Nature & Scenery, Environment & Climate, Culture & Tradition, Social well-being, and Business & Hospitality.  Status (quality), trends and policy are monitored over time.  Global benchmarking is supported by a database on all countries and on 1200 destinations.  

The Standard is the basis of destination certification (“Green Destinations Certified”) and verification, for the QualityCoast Awards, the QualityTourism Awards, and for the Slovenia Green destination certification.

GSTC recognised standard (March 2016)

Certifying Organisation

Green Destinations Foundation

Partner Organisation/s EUCC, Slovenia Green, GoodPlace, IEELS, ECEAT, Green Evolution, KOAN, Green Partner, Asian Ecotourism Network
Travel Countries Germany, Greece, Malta, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam
Certified Tourism Services 55
Sustainability Areas Environment, Social Issues, Economy, Cultural Heritage, Authenticity
Transparency Link to the Standard
Assessment Process On-site verification and Third Party Assessment
Market Place Destinations
License Period 2 years

Personal Title Mr.
Firstname Albert
Lastname Salman
Organisation Green Destinations
Postal Address Herenweg 14, NL-2361 ER Warmond
Phone Number +31 (6) 12175238
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Released 01/02/2017
Country Netherlands,
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Organization Type NGOs, Partnerships, Networks, Projects NGOs, Partnerships, Networks, Projects
Supporting Solutions Type Certificates Certificates
Topics Destination Management , Certification & Marketing
Operational level Global