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The Label Guide 2014: Download PDF

Sustainable Tourism Certification Worldwide

Since 1993 ECOTRANS has continuously compiled and updated the global list of sustainable tourism certification programs, labels and standards. See the global map of of more than 160 such initiatives on the DestiNet Atlas

Good to know about Sustainable Tourism Certification

Sustainability in tourism - A guide through the label jungle 2016

It provides you with a tool for comparing the main characteristics and quality features of 30 well-known sustainability labels in tourism world wide.

Edition 2016: Download PDF

Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus- Wegweiser durch den Labeldschungel 2016

Beschreibung und Vergleich der wichtigsten Eigenschaften und Qualitätsmerkmale von 30 gubekannten Nachhaltit gkeitslabels im Tourismus weltweit.

Ausgabe 2016: Download PDF

NOTE: The Edition 2016 of this publication will be available from July/August 2016 on this site!

Profiles of 50 + leading certificates, labels and standards

The following certification programmes and labels are described with information on their focuses and target groups, coverage of sustainability issues, transparency on their criteria and credibility of their verification system. Many map the locations of their certified businesses and destinations on the DestiNet Atlas Market Place, granting more visibility and market access to certified tourism worldwide. Click on the logo for more details.

Label Guide 2016 - description of 20 exemplary labels (for pdf 2016)

Labelguide 2016 - list of 30 more standards and certificates (for pdf 2016)

More standards and certificates


The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

has developed and is using the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria as base for the international recognition of standards and certification programmes. ECOTRANS recommends all stakeholders to use the GSTC criteria as guidance for making tourism more sustainable.   

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Label Guide 2016