Folder Resources for NGOs, Partnerships, Networks


DestiNet offers NGOs, Partnerships and Networks a completely new way of working on sustainable tourism issues. You will be able to find many useful resources in our publications and library section. But also, the DestiNet Portal is a resource in itself for NGOs, as it offers state of the art ICT facilities to NGOs to network at a local or regional level, as well as at national or global levels - even between all levels!   

The portal is designed for organisations working in partnerships and networks to collaborate with other stakeholders, run networked projects, disseminate news, and publicise events. 

For organisations with a branch structure, the portal is the ideal way to provide quality web space to your members.

On DestiNet you can run a virtual ICT office system that would cost thousand’s to develop in house, and still would not have the collaborative facilities of the DestiNet Portal as mentioned above. DestiNet could be seen as your on-line library of libraries specialising in sustainable tourism, but not only does DestiNet act as a repository of quality-assessed information with global coverage, the Portal also enables NGOs to run these sophisticated database and communications system within their own websites to keep your IT costs low.

DestiNet has also been designed to meet European Project networking needs, and enables projects to build on the previous evidence based good practice and link with the tourism stakeholders relevant to your project. 

And if you want to be pro-active straight away, log in and start using the left hand bar to add your own information to the portal.