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DestiNet offers NGOs, Partnerships and Networks a completely new way of working on sustainable tourism issues. You will be able to find many useful resources in our publications and library section. But also, the DestiNet Portal is a resource in itself for NGOs, as it offers state of the art ICT facilities to NGOs to network at a local or regional level, as well as at national or global levels - even between all levels!   

The portal is designed for organisations working in partnerships and networks to collaborate with other stakeholders, run networked projects, disseminate news, and publicise events. 

For organisations with a branch structure, the portal is the ideal way to provide quality web space to your members.

On DestiNet you can run a virtual ICT office system that would cost thousand’s to develop in house, and still would not have the collaborative facilities of the DestiNet Portal as mentioned above. DestiNet could be seen as your on-line library of libraries specialising in sustainable tourism, but not only does DestiNet act as a repository of quality-assessed information with global coverage, the Portal also enables NGOs to run these sophisticated database and communications system within their own websites to keep your IT costs low.

DestiNet has also been designed to meet European Project networking needs, and enables projects to build on the previous evidence based good practice and link with the tourism stakeholders relevant to your project. 

And if you want to be pro-active straight away, log in and start using the left hand bar to add your own information to the portal.


Pointer ECO-DESTINET Library Index
Pointer Making tourism more sustainable - A Guide for Policy Makers
Pointer turismo-rural-comunitario-proposta-de-desenvolvimento-sustentavel-para-o-futuro Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer v-workshop-algarve-nature-tourism-network Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer iii-workshop-algarve-nature-tourism-network Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer iv-workshop-algarve-nature-tourism-network Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer v-workshop-algarve-nature-tourism-network-1 Item only translated in Portuguese
Pointer pm4sd-r-european-summer-school-leadership-and-governance-for-sustainable-tourism-1 Item only translated in Italian
Pointer pm4sd-r-foundation-training-course-london-24-26-march-2014 Item only translated in Italian
Pointer biodiversitaet-und-tourismus-biodiversity-and-tourism Item only translated in German
Pointer new-campaign-naturally-unique-for-destination-germany Item only translated in German
Pointer ecoturismo-questo-strano-modo-di-fare-turismo Item only translated in Italian
Pointer report-nachhaltigkeit Item only translated in German
Pointer biosphaerenzweckverband-bliesgau Item only translated in German
Pointer saarpfalz-touristik Item only translated in German
Pointer floss-der-nachhaltigkeit Item only translated in German
Pointer tourism-and-biodiversity Item only translated in German
Pointer die-burren-kliffs-des-moher-geopark-ie Item only translated in German
Pointer cascais-pt Item only translated in German
Pointer werfenweng-at Item only translated in German
Pointer tourism-and-visitor-management-in-protected-areas Item only translated in German
Pointer Ljubljana (SI)
Pointer Tourism Topic Information Framework - a Research Thematic Subject Index
Pointer VII. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems
Pointer "Convenzione europea del paesaggio Firenze, 20 ottobre "
Pointer 113 certificates on DestiNet - 13 standards recognised by GSTC!
Pointer 1993-2013: Happy Birthday ECOTRANS!
Pointer 1st Inter-African Youth Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme
Pointer 1st Inter-African Youth Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme-“Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating partnerships for Employment Creation, Economic Growth, and Development in Africa.”
Pointer 2nd EETC - Hamele - DestiNet - Improving Benefits of Certificates - oct 2013
Pointer 2nd EETC - Hamele - Sustainable Tourism Certification - Ecotourism - oct 2013
Pointer 2nd EETC - the ideal ecotourism label - workshop -oct2013
Pointer 5.º CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE TURISMO RURAL DE NAVARRA Ecotourism and the creation of nature-based products in rural areas”
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (English)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (French)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (German)
Pointer 50 Labels 2014 (Spanish)
Pointer 5th International Convention of Eco-Tourism
Pointer 5th Mostviertler Conference on Sustainability
Pointer 7th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
Pointer A Guide Through the Label Jungle 2016
Pointer A Guide Through the Label Jungle on Travelmole
Pointer A Guide through the LabelJungle 2016 - PRESS RELEASE
Pointer A Practical Guide to Good Practice: Managing Environmental Impacts in the Marine Recreation Sector.
Pointer A Simple User’s Guide to Certification for Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism
Pointer A Simple User’s Guide to Certification for Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism
Pointer A guide through the tourism label jungle – updated and extended
Pointer A practical guide to good practice: Managing environmental impacts in the marine recreation sector
Pointer Alonnisos (GR)
Pointer Alpine Convention
Pointer Alpine Pearls by Karl Reiner
Pointer Analysis of national, state, regional and local tourism strategies and plans: identification of strategic issues.
Pointer Antarctic tourism is the best managed tourism in the world.
Pointer Article for Celebration of Olympism
Pointer Austrian Ecolabel: integrate sustainable development in touristic education!
Pointer Berlin Declaration on “TRANSFORMING TOURISM”
Pointer Biodiversity Criteria for Tourism: Recommendations for standards, labels and awards
Pointer Biodiversität und Tourismus By Marion Hammerl
Pointer Biodiversitätskriterien für den Tourismus: Empfehlungen für Standards, Labels und Awards
Pointer Biodiversitätskriterien: Empfehlungen für Labels und Awards
Pointer Biosphere coach
Pointer Bodensee-Stiftung News
Pointer Bonito (BR)
Pointer CSR Biodiversity Tourism - Workshop ITB 2014 - presentation
Pointer CSR Days Vienna: DestiNet for Destinations on 11 jan!
Pointer Call for papers: Communities as part of sustainable rural tourism
Pointer Cape Whale Coast & Wild Coast
Pointer Cerali - new legislation threatening beaches
Pointer Coastal Conservation and Tourism - WWF‘s Global Marine Programme
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future II"
Pointer Conference "Connecting Past & Future III"
Pointer Connecting Past and Future II Erdmute Prokosch-Sander Olympos
Pointer Croatian key words
Pointer Croatian web portal on sustainable tourism launched
Pointer Customer service for sustainable tourism
Pointer Database Sustainable Tourism in the Carpathians
Pointer Database Sustainable Tourism in the Carpathians
Pointer Definition of the On-line Community – Objectives, Online Structure, Strategy & Process to Set Up the European Ecotourism Network.
Pointer Der touristische Klima-Fußabdruck WWF-Bericht über die Umweltauswirkungen von Urlaub und Reisen
Pointer DestiNet at Rio+20: Green Economy, Innovation and Institutional Change - the Role of the DestiNet Type II Sustainable Tourism Partnership
Pointer DestiNet für Destinationen - DestiNet for Destinations
Pointer DestiNet provides more transparency in sustainable tourism
Pointer DestiNet provides more transparency on sustainable tourism
Pointer DestiNet: mehr Transparenz im nachhaltigen Tourimsus (German)
Pointer Die Burren & Kliffs des Moher Geopark (Deutsch)
Pointer ECOTRANS gives insight to 50 leading labels worldwide
Pointer ECOTRANS revealed both massive European networks and new green developments
Pointer EEC2013: European Ecotourism Declaration!
Pointer EU Ecolabel: 782 certified tourism on the DestiNet Atlas
Pointer Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference ESTC 14
Pointer Education for Sustainable Development toolkit
Pointer Estimatingthe economic value of the benefits provided by the tourism /recreation and employment supported by Natura 2000
Pointer Euracademy's 12th Summer Academy
Pointer European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Feedback from Ecotrans
Pointer European Ecotourism: Common understanding achieved
Pointer European Realities of Responsible Tourism, 2/12/2013, Brussels
Pointer European Wilderness Quality Standard
Pointer European realities of responsible tourism
Pointer Event on sustainability
Pointer Field-Day (nationwide) through the "Primeval Forest on the Outskirts"
Pointer Flores (ID)
Pointer Folgen des Klimawandels
Pointer GSTC launches public consultation on Global Criteria for Destinations
Pointer GSTP Library
Pointer German Sustainability Award - winning destinations 2012: Freiburg, Neumarkt, Wunsiedel
Pointer Give them Bread and Games ...
Pointer Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard
Pointer Great Green Deal Partners with DestiNet Services
Pointer Green Destinationviewer by Volker Schmidt
Pointer Green Economics Institute
Pointer Green Economics Institute: News
Pointer Green Innovation in Tourism
Pointer Green Key partners with DestiNet Services
Pointer Guide on EU Funding for the Tourism Sector 2014-2020
Pointer Holidaying in Hurghada - a 'SICKE' Destination
Pointer ITB 2012: CSR Days
Pointer ITB: Launching Green Destinations’ Global Top 100
Pointer IUCN Publications
Pointer Initiative Tourisme Durable
Pointer Innovation in Ecotourism by Gordon Sillence
Pointer Innovators' Symposium - Coastal Tourism Development
Pointer Institutional frameword for sustainable development in the context of Rio+20
Pointer International Handbook on Tourism and Peace
Pointer International conference ''Sustainability for Competitiveness in Tourism''
Pointer Italian responsible tourism prize announced
Pointer Join "Ecotourism in Europe" -livestream June 29th, 2012 !
Pointer Join the GGDD 27.-28.09. in Ljubliana!
Pointer Judith’s story – Somerset Lavender, UK
Pointer Judy’s story – Wellow Trekking, UK
Pointer Kok-Zhailau ski resort - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Pointer LIBRIS - publications
Pointer Launching of the Green Destinations’ Global Top 100
Pointer London 2012 Olympic Peace Campaign Kicks off in the House of Lords
Pointer National Atlas of rural territory
Pointer Naturfreunde International: News
Pointer New European Toolkit Supporting Ecotourism Development
Pointer New Toolkit for Knowledge Networking with DestiNet!
Pointer Newsletter Issue 3 EEN
Pointer Okavango Delta (BW)
Pointer Olympos on the Way to Sustainable Tourism by Peter Zimmer
Pointer Olympos2020 bildirgesi turkisch
Pointer Olympos2020-deklaration
Pointer PM4SD
Pointer PM4SD FOUNDATION TRAINING COURSE. Project Management for Sustainable Development: Manage Tourism with Success
Pointer PPT version of TKIC Guide
Pointer PROJEKTINFORMATION - Integration von Biodiversitätsaspekten in aktuelle CSR Prozesse im Tourismus
Pointer Pamirs (TJ)
Pointer Practical, Profitable, Protected: A starter guide to developing sustainable tourism in protected areas
Pointer Press Release Meeting 2012 (Turkish)
Pointer Press Release- “Celebration of Olympism” and promoting the Olympic Truce in Nepal
Pointer Pressemitteilung: Biodiversitätskriterien für den Tourismus: Empfehlungen für Standards, Labels und Awards
Pointer Project Management for Sustainable Development: Foundation Training Course
Pointer Project information - Biodiversity in Standards, Certificates and Awards in the Tourism Sector
Pointer Public workshop in Merida
Pointer Quickfinder on Sustainable Tourism Certification worldwide
Pointer Quinta do Pisão Nature Park
Pointer Quinta do Pisão Naturpark (Deutsch)
Pointer REGULATION (EU) No 1143/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species
Pointer Review of the biodiversity requirements of standards and certification schemes
Pointer Rio +20: An overview for Tourism Stakeholders
Pointer SECTEUR: What Climate Change information do you need?
Pointer ST+20 Conference: Introduction to the panel "Partnerships"
Pointer SUSTAINABLE TOURISM online library
Pointer Seasons Greetings from ECOTRANS!
Pointer Serras do Socorro e Archeira (PT)
Pointer Seychelles Islands
Pointer Sintra-Cascais Natural Park
Pointer Sintra-Cascais Naturpark (Deutsch)
Pointer South Pacific Regional Tourism Executive Training Programme
Pointer Spotlight on Irresponsible Tourism - Report Template
Pointer Stakeholder Structures And Relationships by Richard Denman English
Pointer Stakeholder Structures And Relationships by Richard Denman German
Pointer Study Abroad in Greece: The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle
Pointer Sustainable Mountain Tourism
Pointer Sustainable Tourism Certification Worldwide (Flyer)
Pointer Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic & Ionian Region
Pointer Sustainable Tourism in Hel Peninsula
Pointer Sustainable tourism certification for hotels worldwide: From savings to market advantages?
Pointer TOURISM INNOVATION - From Fesearch to Market Place (flyer)
Pointer The 20th Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference
Pointer The 2nd European Ecotourism Conference
Pointer The Art of Pottery in Kaminaria 25 to 26 August 2012.
Pointer The European Ecotourism Labelling Standard -EETLS-revised (Ecolnet,2011)
Pointer The Law of Sustainable Development
Pointer The Olympic Truce Peace Campaign Network (OTPCaN)- Past Events
Pointer The Road to Rio+20 – An Overview for Tourism Stakeholders
Pointer The Threshold of Sustainability for Tourism in Protected Areas
Pointer The Vision for Innovation in Sustainable Tourism Awards
Pointer The Week for Rio +20
Pointer The new faces of responsible tourism in Asia Pacific
Pointer Themen und Ziele by Herbert Hamele
Pointer Tourism Knowledge & Innovation Communities - A Guide to Multi-Stakeholder Tourism Knowledge Networking to Improve European Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability
Pointer Tourism Supporting Biodiversity
Pointer Treibhausgas-Kompensationsanbieter in Deutschland
Pointer Turismo Consciente
Pointer Turkey goes green!
Pointer VERORDNUNG (EU) Nr. 1143/2014 DES EUROPÄISCHEN PARLAMENTS UND DES RATES über die Prävention und das Management der Einbringung und Ausbreitung invasiver gebietsfremder Arten
Pointer VISTAwards Spotlight on Irresponsible Tourism - Algarve International Race Track
Pointer Verband deutscher Naturparke e.V.: News
Pointer WERT partner meeting, Cyprus
Pointer Wegweiser durch den Labeldschungel 2016
Pointer Wegweiser durch den Labeldschungel 2016- PRESSEINFORMATION
Pointer Werfenweng
Pointer Werfenweng (AT) - SIMPLIFIED
Pointer Werfenweng (Deutsch)
Pointer Workshop Internazionale Ecoturismo & Governance
Pointer Workshop in Isparta 21-22 May 2014
Pointer World Responsible Tourism Day
Pointer World Summit on Sustainable Tourism ST+20
Pointer World’s first green destinations Top 100
Pointer bulletin 1
Pointer workshop "Biodiversity & Tourism: recommended criteria for standards of labels and awards"
Pointer Tourism Knowledge & Innovation Communities - Excel Workbook for Offline Profiling and Uploading
Pointer Setting Up a Destination Knowledge and Innovation Community on DestiNet
Pointer Setting up a Topic Knowledge & Information Community on DestiNet
Pointer Destination & Enterprise Innovation Stimulation Tool
Pointer Tourism Thematic Information Framework
Pointer DestiNet Keywords Glossary
Pointer Innovation in Tourism - How to create a tourism learning area - The handbook
Pointer UNEP publications
Pointer UNWTO publications